Protecting Your Kids – Internet


Hey parents!

I just wanted to get this out there for you. One of the moms in my network shared an article this morning that is not surprising at all.

I think it’s really important to read it, get involved in your child’s gaming activities if you aren’t already, and set up protections on your Internet to protect your kids from sexual predators, sexual solicitations, Internet pornography and any other harmful images, games, pop ups and, and sites.
But the most important thing is to have an open and honest relationship with your children so that, like the girl in this article, they will feel safe enough to come and talk to you about what’s happening in their world.

A strong connection with our kids is the greatest protection any parent can have besides, of course, supernatural protection by God.

God gave us wisdom, resources and friends who know more than us so that we are equipped and without excuse.

Everything Changed the Day I Learned Minecraft Has a Sex Mod

Having simple guidelines like:

– no Internet in bedrooms

– no smart phones or cell phones in bedrooms

– no Internet access after 10 PM

– blocking and restrictions on the Internet or electronic devices has given me and my husband so much more peace as our children use the internet to learn and study.

Do you have any more tips or guidelines you would add to this list?

I pray for peace, wisdom and clarity over all your parenting and leadership decisions.  May your family always prosper as your souls prosper.

~ esf


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