We create the truth filter


I’m very concerned, parents – us who call ourselves Christ followers. 
Let’s not expect the church youth leaders or much worse the public school system do our job. Time to lay down our lives for our kids by be willing to talk about this stuff and even let God shift our own paradigms and beliefs so we are clear examples of victoriously pure, holy and set apart men and women of God.  
“What was once whispered in the dark corners of topless bars is taught in mandated public school curricula all across America! That’s right, folks, if your children are in the public school system, they are likely to end up in a “Health” class teaching them that bisexual, homosexual, and transgender lifestyles are all normal expressions of their sexuality.” -Moral Revolution
(….or even if they’re homeschooled and take classes and have friends and attend youth group….
If you don’t teach them someone else will. Start young. WE, parents, need to give them their truth filter! …and not let a godless confused educational system do the job God gave US to do.)


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