It’s my choice…


What do you actually believe? 

As I’m sitting here tonight thinking of all that’s gone on this week, I believe and declare that God keeps his promises.  He is good. There is nothing impossible for him. He is our defender. He is faithful. He is Provider. He is our banner. He is our healer. He is an abundant God. He is loving, kind and just. So we can trust, rely, and completely rest in His arms.

I choose to believe that he is who said he is.  Even when friends are sick, even when money is tight, even when fears scream all around, even when kids are conflicting, even when I don’t understand, even when I’m tired, even when it’s snowing AGAIN, even when I feel overweight, even when business is slow, even when I’m not sure, even though I’m not feeling the Passion and fire….

He never changed.  

He’s always the same. 
What I believe is always a choice I get to make.  It’s always my choice.  Always.  And I choose to believe the truth and nothing but the truth.  

It’s my choice….every time. 


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