Do your own journey – write your own story with God 


Some of you need to start doing your own journey with God. It’s time to quit watching everybody else.  Get off of Facebook.  Start paying attention to what God is saying.  

Get quiet. Get real. Get honest. Get in touch with your own feelings and passions and desires. Tell God what’s really on your heart.  Let him speak into it. Let him talk to you about it. Most likely your dreams are actually from God. Your desires were put in you by God.

Listen to what he says…

Once you get that word, that grounding word, the word that solidifies your soul, you will never be the same.

Then begin to write. Write your journey. Tell your story. Recount and remember what God has done.

Your story has power. The stuff you’ve walked through gives you authority in those areas. 

What are you going do with your story? 

What about all those prophetic words? What are you doing with those? 

“Treat your prophetic words as your assignment from God.” (#quote @JasonManalli) 

Nobody can argue with your story. It’s yours. 


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