I am dreaming of…..


On Thursday night at Northgate Alaska BURN 🔥🔥🔥 Pastor Dennis Hotchkiss had us dream of “what would have to go” (be eradicated) because the Kingdom of God has come in the State of Alaska.  
Woah!!! 💥💥
What happened was it felt in that moment like everything that we were dreaming of is so possible.
I dream of…
An Alaska that is filled withpeople who are: saved, free, out of debt, liberated, focused, purposeful, alive to God, aligned with destiny, activated in their callings, satisfied, thankful, healed, whole, delivered, free of addictions, set apart for God, courageous, unashamed of the gospel, loving, healthy and relationships, living according to their calling and constantly have eternity in their hearts and minds. 
Above all else every Alaskan knows he/she is loved by the Creator who is our Good Father.  
#akoneday #kingdomofGodinAlaska #HeavenOnEarth #AllThingsArePossible#impossibleISpossible#living4eternity #forthiscause #dreamBIGGER #dreamingwithGod


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