Why aren’t my dreams coming true? 


Think of your life like a container. Thinking of your dreams like water that gets poured into a container.  If the container has holes in it, it won’t hold the water. 

Sometimes we wonder why our dreams are not being fulfilled or why we are not seeing any progress on our dreams. Maybe we wonder if God cares.

Maybe he is waiting until we have the holes filled up!  Those holes might be lack of discipline or lack of spiritual maturity or lack of strength to handle blessing. He’s a good father and he won’t give us things that will hurt us.

Sometimes he might be waiting for us to grow into our dreams.

He knows that too much blessing can actually hurt us at times.

Imagine if you had a company that was only used to doing $1 million jobs. And all of a sudden you got a $7 million job. You might not quite be ready for that. That could ruin you.  Seriously. 

God is a good father. He knows that if you say you want to be a leader you might not be ready to be the president yet or to lead a state or a city.  So he takes us into processes that help us to grow.

I believe that he helps us grow into big people that are big enough and prepared for our dreams.  

So really the way that we could partner with the father on making our dreams come true is to say a bigger “Yes” to the process that he’s taking us through and to the way He is preparing us for those great things that he’s called us to do and be.  

Encouragement: don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing your dreams fulfilled yet. God is getting you ready for them. Just say “yes, yes, yes”.  He’s getting you totally and completely prepared!  And your dreams fulfilled will be a tree of life – better than you imagined – more beautiful and more glorious than you could have comprehended.  

I promise.  He’s good.  


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