He’s not mad at you 


God’s not mad at you. He loves you AND He likes you! 
Just last night my daughter asked me what I believed 11 years ago when we moved from a church we’d been apart of my entire life. 
I had to be honest, right? 
I answered: “I thought God was waiting to strike me down for some failure or mistake, I could never please him, He was mad, He was scary. I had a fear filled existence of losing my salvation. I also had headaches, back pain, and was often depressed and hopeless.” 
Pretty sad, right? I’m learning it’s not that strange or unusual. I meet with or talk to people quite often that believe this.  
What I would say to anyone who still believes this is to forgive anyone in your life that misrepresented God to you.  
He’s not angry. He suffers long. He is patient. He is kind.  
Almost 11 years later I am SO aware of His love. It’s unconditional. It’s wild. It’s extravagant.  
Some of the keys for me have been willingness to forgive – level after level of forgiveness.  
And layering truth upon truth upon truth. And STAYING away from toxic relationships and conversations. And surrounding myself with truthful people.  
If you’ve ever wondered if you are lovable or worthy of God’s time and attention and you don’t know….this is for you.  
You ARE worth His time and affection. He really loves you.  
#youareloved #truth 


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