Two things 


Hey friends,

I’m really supposed to be working on other stuff right now, but I just wanted to jump onto my blog today and share a couple thoughts.  I’m hoping some of you might benefit. I would rather post it here than on Facebook where it’s lost in the noise.

Thing #1 – Do it

Here’s my self (Holy Spirit in me) talk and I’m going to let you in on it: “When God already told you to do something you need to just do it. You shouldn’t be waiting for affirmation or approval from people around you. You shouldn’t wait till it’s perfect. You don’t need to have it all figured out and know how it’s going to end up. You just need to start.  You need to step out.  You need to use what’s in your hand, what he gave you already.  And you’re not supposed to look like everyone else. So stop waiting for that, too. Offer up what you have. Live with an open hand, bringing what God gave you to the table and don’t look around. Just bring what you have. It’s highly valuable.” 
Thing #2 – Be kind to yourself 

Some of may get fuzzy-brained (summer vacation mode), foggy- minded, unmotivated and maybe even intoxicated by the fun activities of the summer.  We can get off our normal healthy schedule and lose momentum sometimes.

If that’s you I want to share 4 things that help me immensely.  

1. Rest – 

It looks different for me every day. Just this week one of my children ask me if I had scheduled rest time into my daily plan. Of course I had not and I asked her how much I should rest? She recommended at least one hour! 😳 I did my best to rest for one hour and I even fell asleep on the floor playing chess with my son. A lot of days it just looks like us telling the kids to go to their rooms one hour earlier than normal at night so the house gets quiet.  It’s very strategic. We have to get all of our jobs and all of our other stuff done earlier in the day.  Or some days I even have to leave dirty dishes in the sink at night. I even leave dirty laundry on the floor sometimes (are you appalled yet???) because I am committed to getting in bed earlier and getting proper rest.  I like to remind myself that it’s worth the sacrifice it takes to do the thing that you know is right to do.  And while we usually think of rest as sleeping, there’s more to it. REST.  Live from rest. Andy Mason has a great message on that.  Live from a place knowing that you’re accepted, you are already a success, you are already loved, nothing you could do could change God’s love for you. This is a place of ultimate rest – knowing your identity and living from that. Okay…


I like to focus on the positive- what I want to be eating instead of what I shouldn’t have. 

Super foods (Spirulina, barley grass, good vitamins, chia and hemp seeds…I know I know….hemp 😳😂😂), whole foods, vegetables, fruit, healthy meats, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and lots of smoothies from greens and fruit with coconut milk.  We have actually been more dairy free, gluten-free and carb free in the last few days and I am feeling so much better even with fighting a cold.  Oh and for the cold I take 2000 mg of vitamin C every hour when I think of it. And lots of water. And, yes, I use the cheap vitamin C until I can get some good stuff. 


I actually put a reminder on the mirror in my bathroom to exercise every day. I can get so busy running around that I actually don’t get my heart rate up or sweat and then I feel really grumpy.  Now I don’t want you to think I actually get to all this every day. But this is my go to list if I start feeling like something is physically off or feel run down.  I’m working on a good routine for myself.  Right now I’m doing a certain number of sit ups, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks and a little yoga. I can usually fit it all in under half an hour unless I stop and write on my blog in the middle of it.  Please know that I have never been athletic nor do I have great enthusiasm when it comes to working out except that I know the end results are really, really amazing and I love feeling good. I look forward to increasing my strength and stamina.  


This one is my favorite. I can worship while I’m doing all the other three – even resting.  Right now my favorite worship albums are House Fires, Bethel Music, Elevation, John Mark McMillan, Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, and Bethel TV live.  Often times I even fall asleep listening to a sermon from Bill Johnson or Eric Johnson.  Check out the song Heart Runs by John Mark McMillan. 
I hope this is helpful and encouraging to you. I know lots of us moms and business women are very busy and we simply cannot take five hours a day to work out and do all that stuff for ourselves. I know how it is! I’m with you. 
Helpful questions to ask yourself: 

Who are you according to God’s perspective? 

What signs do you begin to notice when you get run down?

What’s one thing you’re going to do today to be kind to yourself? 

What has God already told you to do? 
Love you all!

Write to me if you’d like to discuss anything!

I love all things health, wholeness, successful living, family, business and living from identity.  ❤️ 


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