Do your own journey – write your own story with God 


Some of you need to start doing your own journey with God. It’s time to quit watching everybody else.  Get off of Facebook.  Start paying attention to what God is saying.  

Get quiet. Get real. Get honest. Get in touch with your own feelings and passions and desires. Tell God what’s really on your heart.  Let him speak into it. Let him talk to you about it. Most likely your dreams are actually from God. Your desires were put in you by God.

Listen to what he says…

Once you get that word, that grounding word, the word that solidifies your soul, you will never be the same.

Then begin to write. Write your journey. Tell your story. Recount and remember what God has done.

Your story has power. The stuff you’ve walked through gives you authority in those areas. 

What are you going do with your story? 

What about all those prophetic words? What are you doing with those? 

“Treat your prophetic words as your assignment from God.” (#quote @JasonManalli) 

Nobody can argue with your story. It’s yours. 


It’s my choice…


What do you actually believe? 

As I’m sitting here tonight thinking of all that’s gone on this week, I believe and declare that God keeps his promises.  He is good. There is nothing impossible for him. He is our defender. He is faithful. He is Provider. He is our banner. He is our healer. He is an abundant God. He is loving, kind and just. So we can trust, rely, and completely rest in His arms.

I choose to believe that he is who said he is.  Even when friends are sick, even when money is tight, even when fears scream all around, even when kids are conflicting, even when I don’t understand, even when I’m tired, even when it’s snowing AGAIN, even when I feel overweight, even when business is slow, even when I’m not sure, even though I’m not feeling the Passion and fire….

He never changed.  

He’s always the same. 
What I believe is always a choice I get to make.  It’s always my choice.  Always.  And I choose to believe the truth and nothing but the truth.  

It’s my choice….every time. 

Never once walking alone 


I’ve been casually studying the names of God again. This one gets me. 

“El Emunah” – The Faithful God 

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God (El Emunah), keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. Deuteronomy 7:9

A thousand generations!!!??!? Woah!  I don’t get hung up on the “those who love him and keep his commandments”. None of us can do that perfectly except by the blood of Jesus in the forgiveness of our sins. Don’t ever forget he is also faithful to forgive.  

Thank you, Father. You are faithful.

You know, friends…..

What if we would stop more often (like every few minutes) and really meditate on who our Father really is. Let’s declare who he is over situations that seem impossible and seem discouraging. What kind of impact could that have in our lives?

So I declare today that he is the faithful God over every circumstance and every difficulty in every pain and every disappointment that we face this morning. He is faithful. He will never leave us. He will never for sake us. He is faithful. He doesn’t change. He is true. He is faithful.  

Father, I thank you that you are so faithful. I ask you to show your faithfulness in new ways to each one of us today.  Open our eyes to see your faithfulness.  We count on your faithfulness in every hard situation that we face. Thank you that you never leave. Thank you that you never for sake us. Thank you that you’ve never once left us walking alone.  Father, you have always been here. You are near to the brokenhearted and you comfort and bind them up. You are trustworthy, true, reliable and faithful.  We love you, Daddy.  

Great resource 


Hey Readers: 

I think this is a great thought for  today from Brian Simmons: 

“Begin to free yourself from your burdens today; exchange what troubles you for the enveloping love that comes when you dwell on heavenly matters. Will you take the words of this devotion to heart and let the burdens of the earth fall to the glory of the Lord? 

Undoubtedly lovers of God will still face times of unexpected trials, unpredictable difficulties, and seemingly unsolvable problems. In a word, this is the wilderness and so following the devotion we happily share a sneak peak at the upcoming book, The Wilderness: Where Miracles Are Born, by Brian and Candice Simmons.

Brian Simmons and Your TPT Team

We create the truth filter


I’m very concerned, parents – us who call ourselves Christ followers. 
Let’s not expect the church youth leaders or much worse the public school system do our job. Time to lay down our lives for our kids by be willing to talk about this stuff and even let God shift our own paradigms and beliefs so we are clear examples of victoriously pure, holy and set apart men and women of God.  
“What was once whispered in the dark corners of topless bars is taught in mandated public school curricula all across America! That’s right, folks, if your children are in the public school system, they are likely to end up in a “Health” class teaching them that bisexual, homosexual, and transgender lifestyles are all normal expressions of their sexuality.” -Moral Revolution
(….or even if they’re homeschooled and take classes and have friends and attend youth group….
If you don’t teach them someone else will. Start young. WE, parents, need to give them their truth filter! …and not let a godless confused educational system do the job God gave US to do.)

Protecting Your Kids – Internet


Hey parents!

I just wanted to get this out there for you. One of the moms in my network shared an article this morning that is not surprising at all.

I think it’s really important to read it, get involved in your child’s gaming activities if you aren’t already, and set up protections on your Internet to protect your kids from sexual predators, sexual solicitations, Internet pornography and any other harmful images, games, pop ups and, and sites.
But the most important thing is to have an open and honest relationship with your children so that, like the girl in this article, they will feel safe enough to come and talk to you about what’s happening in their world.

A strong connection with our kids is the greatest protection any parent can have besides, of course, supernatural protection by God.

God gave us wisdom, resources and friends who know more than us so that we are equipped and without excuse.

Everything Changed the Day I Learned Minecraft Has a Sex Mod

Having simple guidelines like:

– no Internet in bedrooms

– no smart phones or cell phones in bedrooms

– no Internet access after 10 PM

– blocking and restrictions on the Internet or electronic devices has given me and my husband so much more peace as our children use the internet to learn and study.

Do you have any more tips or guidelines you would add to this list?

I pray for peace, wisdom and clarity over all your parenting and leadership decisions.  May your family always prosper as your souls prosper.

~ esf



“Courage does not back down with criticism or opposition.”

This is a quote I have on my rest/writing/prayer/war room wall.  
Do the next right thing for you.  In the end, it’s you (not your biggest critic) that answers to God for you. 

It’s time to live according to your identity and destiny! Only you and God (and hopefully 3-12 loyal, faithful and true friends around you, who believe what God has spoken over you and who believe in your dreams and passions) know what that is for you. If you’re a believer in Jesus and you don’t know your identity or destiny, let someone help you! Find out! Knowing your identity

According to your Maker is essential to living wholeheartedly.  

Don’t let anyone discourage, dissuade, distinguish or disillusion you and your dreams – especially beware of that little voice buzzing around your head that tries to stop you from fulfilling your calling and dreams saying,”If only, you should’a, could’a, would’a…” 

It’s time to be all you are created to be! Time to stand up, stand out, stand firm, stand steady, stand strong! Gird up the loins of your mind. We are in this for the long haul! In Christ you are more than a conqueror! 

So let’s quit trying so hard! It’s not about us. It’s time to rest in WHO we already ARE in Christ!
On a personal note…one of the hardest things I do is say “no” to things that are good and I want to do.  Recently I’ve had to say “no” to people, activities, meetings, PRAYER meetings!, good things, helping people at the grocery store, even ministering to strangers at a deli last week because I have a big “YES” to my family and to my own health and effectiveness as a wife, mother and leader.  

Friends, if we don’t say no to something we can’t say YES to the things we are really created for.  

The world and causes scream for help and assistance and volunteerism and rescue and giving.  This is where we take example from Jesus and live like he did.  He only did what he saw his father do and he only said what his Father said.  This is where we get to be so close to God’s heart that our hearts beat with his.  We do what he’s doing.  We say what he’s saying.  We look where he looks.  

My cry is to rest and move and live and have my being …even more…from this place of identity in Him.  

When we truly are truly aligned with our identity as sons and daughters of a Loving Father, more change will happen, more souls saved, more hearts healed, more lives transformed because wherever we go/speak/act it will be God working in us and through us.  

Oh God, let it be! 

Your kingdom come!

Your will

Be done on earth as it is in heaven.